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A Valentine’s special collection of PAWG Gifs

Do you remember that episode of Big Band Theory where they argue how “Gifs” is pronounced? Well, you will be surprised to learn that both “gifs” or “jifs” have been used around the world but more importantly, we are here to tell you the place for GIFs. Make room for our Valentine’s special PAWG Gifs and MILF gallery. As our top favorite asses shake your world (and penis hopefully). We give you just a hint of what you will find on AssGIFs.com and it is up to you to find your fastest way to heaven with these milkshakes.

“What, What in the Butt”

Now, that you know what we are talking about it is just natural to show you more of the same and even top off your expectations with some extra special BUTTs or to quote our Blonde friend from South Park – Butters:

I said what what in the butt.

You want to do it in my butt, in my butt?

Somebody was really into pools and milfs when he created this white-ass shaking graphics. Shake that Ass for me sounds more like a cliche line from a 90s rap video but then aren’t we all into that stuff?

texas porn gif 1

Did you know you can follow sexy Milfs on Twitter? Well, we here were not aware until very recently but what opened our eyes (and believe us they remain quite open) was the amazingly sexy and friendly TexasThighs! Get a small preview from our friends from AssGIFs.com of her tweets, which contain Images and Videos as well.

As a running final we will show you one cougar gif that keeps her moneymaker in shape sharing with you her workout at home during the Corona lockdown.

Stay safe during these difficult times – luckily Valentine is just one day of the year.