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What turns you on? Is it big tits, is it eyes wide open, is it the perfect hair and the juicy lips? They are all that a girl should be – they are the Disney princesses! And we recommend seeing them as never before.

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To be honest we believe that the guys at the headquarter only approve a new heroine if she is adding to the overall sex appeal of the group of princesses … what a role model for the future generation, don’t you think?

They have it all IN THEIR PRIVATE HOUSE OF PLEASURE … pardon theme park:

  • The Native American,
  • The Cold Nothern European,
  • The Chinese,
  • The Redhead Barberian,
  • The French Schoolgirl,
  • The German Beauty,
  • The Desert Flower,
  • The New Orleans Diva,
  • The Danish Mermaid,
  • they even did the French Gipsy … oh those naughty animators!

Arielle and cinderella

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