JackplusJill – A Couple That Made Us Think About Relationships And More – Their Story Presented To You By FappGirls

What started as an alternative for easy money (that had to pay off a student loan) soon become a full-time gig. Watch this modern couple on FappGirls that shreds your expectation into pieces and puts the name JackplusJill as a synonym of sex adventure.

They are the public’s top choice when it comes to live sex performance and they earn this by acknowledging the constant need to evolve and innovate in order to sustain a faithful enthralled following & of course the love for what you do helps a lot to this young couple.

A relationship that has evolved

What drives the success according to Jill is that they complement their strengths and weaknesses and are able to strike a balance as a whole.  These young fresh people admit that what keeps their films genuine and exciting is that they always experiment at the moment – believe it or not they are way more conservative in their private sex life … never had a threesome just for fun … it is always for the job. See how they do it in front of the camera on JackplusJill special page.

Jack and Jill

Adult Film Stars or Normal People?

When asked about how JackplusJill made the first move in their relationship Jill admits that Jack he was too scared to ask her out but after so many scenes and so much money on their bank accounts these two finally decided to get it all official and got married 4 years ago … Wow that is some news we can say. It seems that there is sex life after marriage 🙂 We wonder how washes the dishes – may be the one that makes more doubles? We might never know that but we know for sure that their motto is “division of labor” and Jack is the one who takes care of the technical aspects of our shows.

Jack and Jill

Pleasure Before All

If you never heard of the word hedonists … go and search it online as this is how JackplusJill describes themselves. They are preoccupied with pleasure. When asked about fetishes they share that their gust stars’ sexual fantasies are what matters on set. And Jill continues: Watching someone achieve their fantasy is the apex of a sexual experience.” Public exhibitionism and group sex come at the top of their wish-list.

Experimenting with aphrodisiacs and substances that influence your sexual experience isn’t something new for this naughty couple.

The special chemistry and pleasure that comes with doing couples performances are what made them famous but they are much into shows where a total amateur guest is performing with them. That is because there is nothing like watching someone having a new sensual adventure and you can confirm that on FappGirls.

Jack and Jill

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