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Trust your Dude

With articles such as Show Me Top-12 Alternatives for VoyeurHit.com and Chatville & 12-Best Live Sex Chat Sites Similar to Chatville.com they gather a lot of attention amongst the public who are in a constant search for new and exciting girls that will not make them break their piggy bank.

When a Dude promises a Dude delivers

What the Dude explains about his unique methods:

  • Checing if my jeans can sag is the best critera for including a model in my rankings
  • Chooseing platforms that include people from all walks of life
  • Showcasing as many female models as possible
  • Watching thousonds of perforances to evalute how their talents, looks, and personality will hold up

Know your sources

We all want a performance that looks like it’s happening right inside our bedroom. To ensure you get the top quality the Dudes do their research and they do it well. Counting every aspect of the experience – they will tell you about the costs, the platform, and will summarize it all in the pros and cons section. At the end of each blog you can check who is your Dude – is he a newbie or a veteran in the cam triathlon and what are his preferences.

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When the virtual reality and the meta life is your life

No, we are not going to suggest you are one of those previously referenced as book rats, nerds, or just geeks without a personal life, whose idea for a good time is exploring the depths of the Web. But, if your need a guide in this expanding cosmos of private content because you are just a porn enthusiast like us, then start a new chapter and open the super-detailed (we would say) sex tutorials on the top-rated live sex cams.