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Our Selection With Some Smoking Hot Gay Cam Models From GayCamsFun

Starting with a macho man called Xxx_jane_xxx – This guy knows what he is putting on the table. Just look at all these tags he is using in his profile:

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Also when you sign up for a career in the live cam industry you kind of forget about the clothes but our Russian gentlemen knows quite well how to attract attention – in a world fool of free bodies you have to establish some good manners at first!

#1 Xxx_jane_xxx

xxx jane xxx 1

Our next choose comes with something bitter sweet called Murcielago_lam. Probably this blonde went with such a NICKNAME in order to honor the legendary Murcielago Lambo (search this on the net you won’t sorry). This 20-year old European has every right to call himself a model with his natural blonde hair and sharp look, combined with the soft skin and beautiful lips … we sure liked what we see.

#2 Murcielago_lam

cam blonde gay

Here is another proud creature of the mother nature – Bradeder! Straight from Romania on your screens is this 21-year old male cupcake. We are not sure what is his story buy we guarantee that this guy has some bright future, especially if he steps out of the chat room and go do some casting! We hope to see him doing great things on the small screen or even for the cinema! But who knows with that crisis … maybe the producers will not hunt for new talents soon … Well, good luck Bradder, you won our vote!

#3 Bradeder

Bradeder cam model

Funny, young and likes sports … he must be gay! Our next top model calls himself  Dr_your_dream. He is not far from the truth, tough! His gentle, yet confident look makes him the dream of many guys. For his place of birth he says “Planet Earth” … no man we swear Katy Perry sings about you in her 2010 song E.T. ft. Kanye West.

Futuristic lover
Different DNA

#4 Dr_your_dream

Dr your dream

Felix Weston or Mr. Weston got us with his number – you know when you are so muscular you can control each and every bit of your body and do some nice things for the camera. Yep, this peace of white chocolate likes to surprises his faithful audience (BTW he has nearly 7,000 followers on GayCamsFun). We like him because he has a spirit – he put “Deep down, inside you!” under Location. At the age of 27, he knows much about himself and he defines as Alpha Male. Well, tough guy we would love to see more of you.

#5 Felixweston


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