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Snapchat Sexting Or Your New Way To Find Pleasure Online

About the texting in “sexting”

How about something spicy and hot? How about sexting? The term has two-part – sex and texting. So first we will talk about texting. So, sending dirty text messages is all a matter of telling the other what you want them to do to you and vice versa, and describing everything in detail. Our suggestion is to remember your favorite porn movies and your sexual fantasies – do you want her to play a hot school teacher or maybe she is a dirty girl that cleans your … Yes, that kind of scenarios you are aiming for! So let yourself go and be creative not only with your turning points but also with your partner’s.

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The perfect angle for your sexting selfie

One piece of advice for all of you guys and girls out there – Use the light! Aim for the natural light from a wide window on a bright but not sunny day! Also, take in mind the perspective – you can often look very different when approached from a different angle, and capturing your subject from above or below may change the whole feel of a photograph. If you are not aiming for a half body pic and you intend to show off your face, then remember -eyes should always be in focus! One more thing – in sexting as in every other art the details can spoil the moment, so pay attention to the background! Imagine a muscular man who takes a selfie next to the toilet or in his baby sister’s room … you got the picture!

 A mini photo shoot because the lighting in your room is too damn good

How to spot people who share your passion for sexting

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