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The Best Vintage Pornstars and Their Top Movies by VidsGator

#1 Ada Tauler

If you have to name a Swiss vintage porn star, you will most definitely remember this passionate diva – a multi-productive actress who also wrote a movie script (Mir reicht’s – ich steig aus). You can watch her in Love Camp (1976) – the full movie is available. As in every vintage pron, you have a story that is even greater than the regular rotten tomatoes that we are fed with in the form of regular movies.

A group of blondes and brunettes is kidnapped by guerrillas and forced to serve as prostitutes for them in a jungle brothel. The sadistic female warden decapitates those who dare to rise up against the forceful acts.

#2 Aja

Her name is pronounced with a soft J sound like in “Asia”. While trying to come up with a professional name, she saw the name “Aja” on the cover of a Steely Dan album, liked it, and used it. Her filmography features 80 movies and she was actively filming until 1992. You can watch a handful of her movies but we recommend Family Thighs.

A humorous, boner-popping guide to sex in this age where sex goes in all directions and then some!

#3 Alexandra Nice

American pornographic actress of Polish origin. Alexandra Nice has beautiful feet. High arches, gorgeous toenails, and full ass are all in one horny package.

We recommend watching her in Skin XIV – Cuntrol.

An old abbey. The cages are brought out and virgins are crammed into it and fucked by the slaves through the bars – that all started with this movie!

#4 Anna Ventura

Speaking of famous vixens this is her majesty Italia-made USA-born Anna. She is the reason why every mainstream American teenage movie today features a scene with a pajama party. Her starring in the1970s masterpiece Lesbian Pajama Party is making her a name.

One of the hottest and rare 1970’s films, which gives you a lot of vintage tits and pussies, young, hot and so perky!

#5 Aubrey Nichols

A natural golden blonde whose curls smell like saffron and wood. This girl could easily be your teacher or mother as she embodies the golden age of pron beauty standards in a very elegant and effortless way.

Heavenly Desire is a libido-charged tale of resurrection and redemption through ravishment.